November 29, 2020

Revelation Unveiled Ep 15 – Khazar Ashkenazi Controversy

Kazarian Jews, or Ashkenazi Jews are among the most controversial topics in culture and geopolitics.  The idea is that the paganistic medieval Khazarian empire converted to Judaism under duress.  And these Slavic/Turkic people immigrated to eastern Europe after the fall of their empire and became the people called “European Jews” to this day.  The primary controversy is that a subsection of these Ashkenazi’s gained tremendous wealth and influence through international banking while remaining pagan.  Some believe that they literally run the world from behind the scenes, composing the Satanic elite that control finances and corporations in hostility to Christianity.

If these conspiracy theories are true, these people would fit the criteria of the “Synagogue of Satan” that Jesus refers to in His letters to Smyrna and Philadelphia.  But that’s a BIG “if”.  The evidence for the Khazar/Ashkenazi theory is highly controversial and greatly disputed.  In my research, I have found compelling evidence that gives reason to believe it and equally compelling evidence that it is a hoax that should be dismissed.

As such, I can only offer the information and allow you the viewer to make the decision as to its validity one way or the other.  In this week’s episode, we look at the Khazar Conspiracy

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