November 29, 2020

Revelation Unveiled – Ep 14 Those Who Say They Are Jews But Are Not

The Synagogue of Satan is a title Jesus gives to a group of people who say they are Jews, but are not and are harassing His Church.  Jesus mentions this Synagogue of Satan twice in His Seven Letters to Seven Churches, so its obviously something that He wants us to take note of.  We postulated in the study on the Letter to Smryna, that from a contemporary perspective, these folks were likely Edomites.  But who might the Synagogue of Satan be historically and prophetically?

These “non-Jews” have four aspects.

  1. They claim to be Jews
  2. They are not Jews
  3. They practice satanism in the guise of Judaism
  4. They persecute the Church

In this two-part study, we look at groups who meet the criteria that Jesus set to some degree.  In this first part, we examine:

  • Replacement Theologists – Those who believe the Church has replaced Israel as God’s Chosen People,
  • The 10 Lost Tribes – The idea that the northern tribes of Israel became “lost” after the Assyrian captivity, migrated to northern Europe and sailed across the ocean to establish America (seriously)
  • Black Hebrews – Those who believe that the true Jews had African physical features, migrated to Africa during the Jewish diaspora, and were abducted as slaves to the Americas (seriously).


While these groups meet some of the criteria, they don’t meet them all.  In the next episode, we will look at a group that MAY fit all the criteria to be the Synagogue of Satan.

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