June 21, 2018

The Patriarchs, The Promise, and God’s Nation – FBR Podcast #44

The Patriarchs – Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, received the blessing and mandate from God that would frame the 4th Dispensation.  With the world now divided into nations after Babel, God created His own nation (Israel) through which the world would interact with Him and His plan.  If the nations blessed Israel, they would be blessed.

This would hopefully lead them to chose to accept the plan of the God who blessed them.  But if they cursed Israel, they nations would be cursed and the Dispensation would fail.  In this week’s podcast, we will examine the Promise/Covenant God gave the forefathers of Israel and also look at the history of the Patriarchs from Abraham to Joseph (which reads like a soap opera…or reality TV), concluding with the Exodus from Egypt.

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