June 7, 2018

Your Greatness, and Why Government Tries to Suppress It – FBR Podcast # 43

Your greatness supressed


Your greatness is a HUGE threat to human governments!  So much so that governments are designed to suppress it.  Greatness comes from uniqueness, and when you operate in your uniqueness, you have the capacity to be great!  And since we are ALL unique, we can all be great!  The problem is that by its nature, the human government can only function if greatness (including your greatness) is limited to the rulers.  So the Mystics do everything in their power to homogenize us (make us all think and act the same), in order to curtail our individual uniqueness.  The Mystics of Force (rulers) do it through laws.  The Mystics of Spirit (social engineers) do it by using our tendency for comparative thinking (pride) to get is to homogenize ourselves!  They convince us that uniqueness is unfair!  And since we tend to fear that another’s greatness might be more valuable than our own, we do their job for them by peer pressuring others to behave and think in an “acceptable” way!  The mystics use (or misuse) reactionary terms like Equality, Social Justice, Patriotism, Race, Gender Equality, and even Religion to get us to police each other. The result is monotonous conformity.  But the God of the Bible embraces our uniqueness!  In fact, the ONLY way for God’s Plan to work is if we are ALL great!  God needs your greatness in order for Heaven to be what He wants.  We’ll discuss it in this week’s podcast.

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