November 20, 2011

Human Government part 2: A Unique Problem


In the last post, we saw that the human government created by mystics is man’s comparative attempt to recreate the perfect paradise of Eden without God.  However human government is doomed to failure for two primary reasons.  First, perfection requires righteousness (the opposite of comparative thinking).  Secondly, all human beings have Adam’s desire to rule, not just the mystics.

There’s an old saying, “great men can’t be ruled” (which I quoted to my parents every time they grounded me as a teenager).  But that saying is not just an ineffective justification for teen rebellion.  It’s a truism that gets to the core of why human government always degenerates into totalitarianism and eventual failure.

What makes a person great?

Greatness is the rare, the different, and the exceptional.  Many people can play basketball, but the great ones are in the NBA.  Many people can cook, but the ones with great skill become chefs.  Many people can lead, but the great ones become generals and CEO’s.  Many people lie, but exceptional liars become politicians.

Great people are “great” because they have a combination of skills, abilities, and gifts not shared by others.  In other words, great people are unique.

Great men desire to rule (control) their own lives so they have the freedom to operate in their uniqueness and be of value to themselves and others. But the subjugation inherent in human government is antithetical to that kind of freedom.

Government limits greatness

In human government, ONLY the rulers can be great.  The rest of us are the chattel to be ruled over.  The mystics’ desire to hold all the value in society denies the reality of the value that great men offer.  Human government cannot tolerate the existence of greatness outside the circle of mystics.  Therefore mystics do everything in their power to discourage, suppress, and control great men.

Herein is the HUGE problem that mystics and their government have – we are ALL unique!  Our spirits are composed of principles that are unique to each of us. We all have unique skills and gifts.  No two Human beings are the same.  If we operate in our uniqueness, we all have the potential to be great.

We are ALL potential threats to the mystics, so a key to their methodology of rule is to suppress uniqueness.

The central role of human government is to make everyone the same!

The Mystics of Force do this through laws.  These laws are used to control and homogenize the behavior of the masses through fear of the physical punishments for noncompliance.  The Mystics of Spirit use a more subtle (but arguably more effective) method. They take advantage of mans inclination to think comparatively and fear of social/religious alienation to get us to homogenize ourselves!

People naturally know and understand that we are all unique – that we are all different from each other.  So the Mystics of Spirit condition people to believe that uniqueness is unjust!  They endeavor to convince us that “sameness” is good and uniqueness is bad.  They use (or intentionally misuse) socially reactionary terms and concepts such as patriotism, nationalism, equality, community, race, class, social justice, political correctness, etc. to advocate that we all think and act the same.

If anyone tries to express their uniqueness in thought or action, they are ridiculed, ostracized, demeaned, discouraged and rejected for deviating from the “norm”.  Acting in your uniqueness makes you “abnormal”.  “Normal” is acting and thinking like everyone else.

My uniqueness is bigger than yours!

But if we are all unique, why is it so easy for mystics to manipulate us into suppressing our uniqueness?  Because on a certain level the idea of everyone being the same is appealing! Our desire to be great and appreciate the greatness of others competes with our comparative tendencies.  Comparative thinking leads you to fear that your uniqueness may be less valuable than someone else’s.

Comparative thinkers hate great people because comparative thinkers fear (or mystics have taught them to fear) that another’s greatness is a threat to their own and their relative sense of value and self worth.  And if they can’t “rise” to the level of another’s greatness, they are content to bring the great person down to a “normal level”.  Modern day mystics call this “equality”.

Through manipulation and intimidation, the mystics of human government want everyone’s lives to be dedicated to them and their rule.  Why?  Because when you dedicate yourself to another man – be it king, dictator, priest, or even concepts like “the people”, “humanity”, “the environment”, your political party, or your race – you will lose your “self”.

You will lose your uniqueness.  And then you can be ruled.

Does God want us to be unique?

But doesn’t God want us to choose Him over the mystics and ourselves?  What happens when you dedicate yourself to God?

When you are dedicated to God, you are dedicated to the One who wants you to be unique!  God’s plan is for us to rule with Him not under Him.  God’s plan for us is meant to result in more of what He already has, and the only way to do that is if we have the ability to grow.  By definition, growth means that we cannot remain the same.  We have to become greater and more valuable than what we are.   And we can only do that by operating in our uniqueness.

God’s plan requires us to be unique!  God’s plan is antithetical to the goals of human government, and that is why the governments the mystics put in place are ALWAYS hostile to the God of the Bible and violently oppose His followers.

As an aside, it should be mentioned that the United States was founded on the Biblically based ideas of individual liberty, and inherent human value (uniqueness) from God.  However, founding father Samuel Adams maintained that this type of government could ONLY be successful if the people were moral (righteous).  For those who believe that America has less liberty than it should.  It might be interesting to examine the inverse relationship between the county’s immorality and its liberty.

On to the next dispensation

In the first three Dispensations, God gave man every reasonable opportunity to choose Him on their own, and each dispensation ended with an increasingly damaging failure.  The just thing for God to do in the next dispensation would be to provide some guidance and parameters for men to operate in.  In the next post, we take a look at the Fourth Dispensation.

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