October 25, 2018

Locusts From the Bottomless Pit: Death Wish…Granted – 7 Trumpets Part 4

Locusts from the bottomless pitLocusts from the bottomless pit and fallen angelic armies herald the final “escrow closing” of the earth.

The 7 Trumpets of Revelation 8 and 9 represent the beginning of Jesus’ campaign to take posession of the property He claimed legal right to at His Resurrection (the Earth).

Like the campaign in the Book of Joshua to reclaim the Promised Land, the 7 Trumpets serve to break the Strongholds of the enemy (see the last post for details on what spiritual Strongholds are).

The first 4 Trumpet blasts greatly affect the physical world (the economy, the food and water supply, and the atmosphere). The next three Trumpets are primarily spiritual and VERY supernatural. The effects on the inhabitants of the earth will be beyond comprehension.

In fact, one of the effects of the 5th Trumpet is one of two passages in Revelation for which I have no comprehensive explanation!*

The Fifth Trumpet: Demonic Locusts from the bottomless pit, and the Suspension of Death

When the 5th Trumpet sounds, and Angel “falls from Heaven” and is given the “Key” to the Bottomless Pit – also translated as the Abyss or “abuso” in the Greek. Smoke comes out of the pit and darkens the sky.

Location-wise, I believe the Bottomless Pit is geocentric because if you are in the center of the earth, every direction is “up”. Therefore it has no “bottom”.

Spiritually, the Bottomless Pit is a place where God imprisons evil spiritual entities.

Locusts from the bottomless pit come out and are given the power to sting men like scorpions. They are not permitted to kill, only to torment unbelievers for 5 months (scorpion stings are very painful, but rarely fatal.

During these five months, people will seek to die due to the torment they are experiencing, but they won’t be able to (!)

What the Heck is Going on Here?

Ok, let’s unpack this passage. The angel that “falls from Heaven” is a clear and consistent reference to Satan. That he is given the key to release these locusts from the bottomless pit possibly indicates two things:

  1. Locusts from the bottoless pit are minions of his that he wants to use in order to re-exert the control and authority he has lost due to the breaking of the strongholds from the last 4 Trumpets. I assume his plan was to have these creatures attack men for a while, then Satan would call them back at the request of men in order to show that he still has control over the supernatural. However…
  1. God sets specific limits on the locusts from the bottomless pit – including who and what they can harm, the degree to which they can harm, and how long they can do it.

I think its pretty clear that these are not the insectoid locusts that are the annoying scourge of agriculture for several reasons.

First, they are described in vivid and strange details which bear no resemblance to normal insects.

Furthermore, the locusts from the bottomless pit are said to have a “king” over them (Satan), but the Bible says that Locusts have no king. And since we know that contradictions can’t exist. These things are not your garden variety locusts.

They are pretty clearly demonic spiritual entities! (that resemble locusts – probably in size and general appearance)

Strongholds Destroyed – Satan’s Rule over Demons, and Control of Life

During the False Apocalypse, Satan’s ability to disperse of the demonic (Nephalim) entities that he released on the world, resulted in the awe of men. But this Trumpet clearly shows that Satan’s authority is eclipsed by God in that HE controls and sets the boundaries for this event.

Furthermore, God gives a blatant, creepy, and fairly inexplicable demonstration of the fact that He, not Satan, governs life and death.

5 Months Without Death?

Ok, here’s the passage I alluded to for which I have no solid explanation. Revelation 9:6 states that due to the torment of the demonic locus, men will try to die…but they won’t be able to!!!! They will seek death, but death will “flee from them”!

Wait, WHAT!!?? How is that Possible?

I have no idea.

That’s no true. I actually have lots of ideas. The problem is that none of them offer a full explanation.

How do you NOT die if you want to?

The closest explanation I can come up with is that the changes which accompany the Mark of the Beast. I explained previously that its possible that the Mark changes DNA to greatly extend life.

It sounds far-fetched, except that there is a significant branch of science out there right now call Trans-humanism which is actively working to bring this about.

Energized and empowered by supernatural demonic power, it’s quite possible that this extension of life and increased resistance to harm and disease will make it very difficult for man to intentionally die. Thus under the torment of the locusts, the “blessing” of near immortality, becomes a curse.

But again, this isn’t a full explanation. Maybe the trans-human enhancement means that people will quickly recover from slitting a wrist or taking a bunch of sleeping pills. But what about more extreme methods?

What about people who decide to shoot themselves in the head with a shotgun, or jump off the top of skyscrapers? Surely THAT level of catastrophic harm would kill a person regardless of the amount of DNA manipulation, right?

But apparently not. God will somehow curtail death no matter what people do, and I truly have no practical idea how.

Are Tribulation Believers Spared From The Stingings?

Many commentators state that the demonic locusts only harm people who have taken the mark of the beast but spare those who have become believers by this time. But that is not entirely accurate.

The passage says that the locusts only spare those who “have the seal of God on their foreheads”. Revelation chapter 7 ONLY states that that the 144,000 Jewish evangelists have this seal. But its possible that anyone who believes in Christ at this time has the seal, but that’s only an assumption.

However, it’s an assumption that I hold since I believe that the original 144,000 have been raptured at this point. But hey, I could be wrong…

The Non-Supernatural Perspective

It should be noted that many secular (and sadly even “Christian”) commentators try to play down the supernatural aspects of this Trumpet’s events by saying that when the Apostle John writes about the locusts,  he is actually describing modern military vehicles and weapons which he would not have understoodnd, and would have looked “mystical and demonic” from his primitive point of view.

They conclude that the “locusts” he describes are actually modern helicopters, drones, or possibly even some other sophiticated weapons that might be deployed in the near future.

The problem is that this view assumes that John is such a cretin, that he cannot tell the difference between machines and demons.

The military explanation also does not account for the fact that these “weapons” somehow suspend death for EVERYONE on earth for 5 months.

While I understand that secularists want to downplay the supernatural aspects of the Bible, it truly makes no sense why so-called “Christian leaders” want to do the same.

The Sixth Trumpet: Fallen Angels Fulfill the World’s Death Wish

When the 6th Trumpet sounds, the angel who had the Trumpet is told to release four (fallen) angels who had been imprisoned at the Euphrates river.

The fallen angels are accompanied by an army of two hundred million (!) “horsemen”, whose description leaves little doubt that they, and the “horses” they ride, and supernatural beings.

While I believe the “locusts” of the 5th Trumpet are demons/Nephilim, these entities (the four angels and possibly the riders) are clearly identified as fallen angels ( I talk about the difference between the two in this podcast).

This Trumpet becomes a case of “be careful what you wish for”. During the 5th Trumpet, men desired to die and God wouldn’t let them. With this Trumpet, God restores the power of death – on a MASSIVE scale!

The Angels and their army are given the power to kill one-third of mankind. Even with the incredible amount of death and devastation that has occurred previously during the Tribulation, this would mean the slaughter of over a BILLION people (possibly multiple billions) by today’s population numbers!

What’s the Deal with these Murdering Angels?

The angels (and presumably the horsemen) were bound in the Euphrates river in Mesopotamia (current day Iraq). As I noted in an earlier podcast, The Euphrates, while not terrible impressive physically, has enormous spiritual significance.

It is one of the four original rivers that bordered Eden. It is frequently mentioned in the Bible, including multiple mentions in Revelation. Evil spiritual entities often seem to dwell in and/or be imprisoned in bodies of water for some reason.

Whether these were Angels who fell with Satan or were a part of the events of Genesis 6, I can’t definitively say. What we do know is that they have been preparing for this slaughter for a long time, and obviously relish in the idea of killing people.

Stronghold Destroyed – Satan as Master of Life and Death

If the Mark of the Beast is Satan’s demonstration that he is the arbitrator of life and death, this Trumpet and the last are a clear refutation of that claim. Jesus is life, and He was granted the keys to Death with His victory at the Cross.

He shows here that both life and death are in His hands, not Satan’s.

And Yet, People Still are Not Convinced

Out of all the verses in these passages, the most shocking one occurs in Revelation 9:20-21. Despite the unimaginable horror they have experienced from the 6 Trumpets, men STILL do not repent and turn to God!

If this is the ultimate proof of the effects of comparative brain damage, I don’t know what is! (actually, and incredibly, this attitude is repeated during the Wrath of God which we will explore in an upcoming post).

Another Non-Supernatural Perspective

Once again, Christian commentators who reject the Supernatural worldview tend to come up with secular (and ridiculous) explanations for these events.

In this case, they presume that the two-hundred-million army of horsemen are actually the Chinese!  They rationalize that China is the one country on earth that has the population numbers to make a 200,000,000 man army feasible.

Of course, this doesn’t explain –

1) Why a modern army is on horses

2) Where the Chinese get 200,000,000 horses

3) Why the horses look and behave NOTHING like any horses on earth

4) How this fits in the four Angels

5) Why the Army comes from the Euphrates which is thousands of miles from China

And probably a dozen more ludicrous examples of why this view makes no sense (including why the Chinese would want to do any of this in the first place!)

Just embrace the Supernatural Worldview people!  It will make your lives much easier.

But honestly, if you’re at this point in the book of Revelation, and you STILL don’t believe in the supernatural, it’s probably time for you to look into a new belief system.  Christianity may not be for you.

The Seventh Trumpet – Escrow Closed!

When the 7th Trumpet sounds, the Heavenly Hosts proclaim that the kingdoms of the world are now the kingdoms of Christ! Jesus has officially closed escrow on the property He purchased at the Cross.

The strongholds of the demonic squatters have been destroyed, and He is now the legal and physical owner of the Earth. God is now free to rain down His wrath upon those who have subjugated the Earth for millennia. But there is one more HUGE domino that has to fall first.

Man’s Final Stronghold Must be Toppled

Satan’s strongholds are gone, but man’s greatest, and final stronghold must still be purged.

It is the stronghold that was initiated by Eve and institutionalized by Semiramis.

It has held power over every secular government, community, philosophy, economy, worldview, and belief system in history.

It is man’s first and worst creation.

It is the final product of the thing God hates most.

In the next post, we will examine the final and complete destruction of . . . Religion.


* FYI The other passage I cannot explain is the utterance of the 7 Thunders in Revelation 10:3-4. Mostly because God makes it clear that those words WILL NOT be known until they actually happen in real time, so there really isn’t much point in speculation.


2 thoughts on “Locusts From the Bottomless Pit: Death Wish…Granted – 7 Trumpets Part 4
  1. Tammy McMurray

    In this article you mention that these demonic locusts from the bottomless pit will not be allowed to harm the 144,000. But you have made one CRITICAL mistake. The whole 144,000 aren’t Jews. Hardly 12,000 will be from the Tribe of Judah. Didn’t you know that there are 11 other Tribes of Israel? Many of Dan and Naphtali ate fully Irish!

    1. E.M.

      All 12 tribes are referred to in the Bible as “Jews” and the House of Israel (Acts 2 for example). So when I say Jews, I am referring to all 12 tribes.


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